Why Agrifood?

Why work in an agrifood industry?

Working in agrifood industries can allow young Australians to live a great lifestyle and fulfill their dreams of working with animals, working outdoors, making things, looking after our environment, being their own boss, growing things, doing something different every day, being involved in a sport or traveling.

What are my choices in agrifood?

One of the best things about the Agrifood industries is the array of occupations available. Another bonus is that once qualified for one occupation, those skills can often be transferred to another. Training is readily available to allow people to climb the career ladder. Here are just a few of the different occupations on offer from the Agrifood sector:

AgricultureSheep and Wool Station Hand, Shearer, Sugar Cane Grower, Vegetable Grower, Artificial Insemination Technician, Milking Machine Technician, Land-care Coordinator, Nursery Manager, Agronomist
AquacultureFisheries Compliance Officer, Mollusc Farmer, Aquaculture Specialist, Business Manager
Forestry and LoggingHeavy Machine Operator, Nursery Technical Assistant, Logger, Saw Doctor, Environmental Scientist, Botanist
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support ServicesCotton Ginner, Weed Control Assistant, General Conservation and Land Management Officer, Shearing services, Aerial Agricultural Services, Agistment Services, Crop Harvesting, Reafforestation, Conservation or Plantation Maintenance, Fishing Support Services, Agricultural Scientist
Food Product ManufacturingSeafood Processing Worker, Baker, Food Laboratory Technician, Meat Inspector, Food Scientist
Beverage and Tobacco Product ManufacturingVineyard Assistant, Soft Drink Manufacturer, Machine Operator, Oenologist