Agri-food careers

What are the 10 careers in agriculture?

Going by the records, it is seen that more than 50,000 jobs in agriculture are made available per year. Despite this, there are still vacancies. Why? Because there is a shortage of qualified graduates. Hence, it is the perfect time to start your career in agriculture. Here are the top agri-food careers you need to watch out for.

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Food scientist
  • Agricultural operations manager
  • Biochemist
  • Environmental engineer
  • Agricultural lawyer
  • Agricultural economist
  • Bioinformatics scientist
  • Agronomy sales manager
  • Animal geneticist
Agri-food careers

What are the career opportunities in agriculture?

It is interesting to note that the UK is experiencing a labor shortage and its agricultural sector is struggling to find new workers. Those days are long gone when people used to think that careers in agriculture mean toiling under the sun and watching the crops grow. These days, the agriculture industry has developed in so many ways that lots of career opportunities have germinated over time. As such, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Is agriculture good for a Career?

For a very long time, the agricultural industry has been held back due to various reasons. And, this is why the industry wasn’t providing great career options. But, recent developments in this particular area have broken its own records. Recent statistics indicate that there is a huge scope of attaining a lucrative career. Not only the careers in agriculture provide you with growth, but some of them would reward you financially. If you want a stable career that would make a difference, it is time you get a job in agriculture.


What is the best job in agriculture?

All kinds of jobs relating to agriculture are rewarding in their own way. Yet, there are some jobs that pay you a whopping amount of money. Agricultural lawyers, agricultural economists, and biochemists are among the few jobs that can pay you with an average annual salary of over $100,000. Apart from this, the jobs aforementioned pay an annual salary of over $50,000. Although their jobs are stressful, they are compensated well.

What’s the highest paying job in agriculture? Agricultural lawyers have the highest salary. They are responsible for alleviating land disputes. They make sure that certain government regulations and guidelines are adhered to. Agricultural lawyers handle various types of cases relating to proper land use, environmental protection, and labor laws. Because there are several legal issues surrounding property, the agricultural lawyers sometimes have to solve problems concerning intellectual property, insurance, and agriculture infrastructure

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