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I Want To Work Outdoors

Is sitting in an office 9 till 5, 5 days a week your worst nightmare? Had enough time sitting in a classroom? Prefer to work outdoors?

The majority of Agrifood occupations are based outdoors, if this sounds great then explore the links or get started on the 'what can I do now' suggestions.

What can I do now? Spend a day with a farmer, see if you can get some casual work at a nursery, what about work experience with Parks and Garden's staff at your local council? visit a National Park, go out on a fishing boat.

On the Farm

Job Outlook
Crop Farm Workers
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers

Parks and Gardens Horticulture Tradesperson
Park Ranger

Information on outback careers and jobs
Nursery and Garden Industry Association
All you need to know about jobs, training and careers
Australian Forests
Queensland Government Training Packages
Become an Apprentice or Trainee in Queensland

Downloads available (PDF)

Rural Skills Australia
OnTrack For great ideas & video case studies in Agrifood careers see ONtrack

or watch the ONtrack careers videos here:

Livestock & Processing
Horticulture & Viticulture
Services & Management
Career Videos
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What Can I Do Right Now?
Where Do I Find Out About Further Study and Work?