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I Enjoy Science & Maths

If you enjoy or have a talent for science and/or maths at school then there may be a career in Agrifood for you.

A pharmaceuticals lab worker, a botanist, an agricultural scientist, an agronomist, an agricultural engineer; there are many careers in Agrifood industries that need science minded people - like you!

What can I do now? Study science and maths at school, look for some casual work at a lab, volunteer for field work, visit a CSIRO establishment, do a science assignment on agriculture.

Looking for inspiration!  Have a look at this! "The Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics is a world class centre, home to a dynamic team of research scientists, lab technicians, students and associated staff. We currently employ over 100 staff, making us one of the largest crop genomics centres in the Southern Hemisphere."

Insects and parasites have had an enormous impact on the environment, human health and world economies for many centuries. There are more species of insect on Earth than any other animal and many are of direct importance to humans as pests, carriers of disease, pollinators, nutrient cyclers, sources of new bioactive compounds and as indicators of environmental change. READ ABOUT CAREERS!!.

Agricultural Engineer
Olive Production Horticulturalist
Production Operator in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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