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Where Do I Find Out About Further Study and Work?

Get an early start on a qualification; start while you are still attending school

  • VET courses at school. The variety of vocational education courses in schools is expanding in every state. These may be run by the school or by TAFE. See the VET in Schools page at Job Guide and then have a look at the following information for your State or Territory.

VET in Australian Capital Territory
VET in New South Wales
VET in Northern Territory
VET in Queensland
VET in South Australia
VET in Tasmania
VET in Victoria
VET in Western Australia
  • School based traineeships or apprenticeships are increasing in all states.

This site has links to information on Australian School-based Apprenticeships and also go to Find an Apprenticeship or Traineeship

A really informative site on apprenticeships and traineeships can be found at Youth Central.  There are videos, job profiles, interactive guides and heaps of info about landing and apprenticeship!

If you are keen to finish school before you start training, here is some info for post year 12 traineeships and apprenticeships

Year 12 - What next?

Australian Apprenticeships

Get a Trade - Where to Begin

Job Guide

Do you want to earn a university qualification to use in an Agrifood industry?

Going to Uni and don't forget Year 12 - What next?

Want to start work in the Agrifood industry straight away?

Get tips on job applications and information on current positions vacant.

How to land your dream job

Getting that job

Perhaps you want to have a year off before you get into further study. Some call this a gap year.

If this sounds like a good idea, explore your options and see if you find a job or traineeship that relates to the career you have in mind or even do a traineeship! For example, a high-school in England might need an assistant for their agricultural department, a summer camp in California might be looking for a horse-riding instructor, doing a Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management may help with an Environmental Science degree. Spend a bit of time digging around for options that suit you.
Rural Skills Australia
OnTrack For great ideas & video case studies in Agrifood careers see ONtrack

or watch the ONtrack careers videos here:

Livestock & Processing
Horticulture & Viticulture
Services & Management
Career Videos
Click here for great careers videos
What Can I Do Right Know?
Where Do I Find Out About Further Study and Work?



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