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  • Agriculture or Primary Industries - these subjects are designed to enable students to acquire a range of technical, personal and organisational skills valued both within and beyond the workplace. If your school does not offer this option why not ask your science teacher if they can base some of their course work on agricultural themes, or else if you could do your research assignments on an Agrifood topic.
  • English - no matter what Agrifood career you end up in, whether you are producing, processing or selling food or fibre, you'll be required at some point to communicate through talking and writing. It is definitely a good idea to study English.
  • Mathematics - Math skills are often required for everyday tasks, so even if you’re not thinking about tertiary education it is still great to study maths. If you are wanting to study agricultural engineering (or similar) at university then maths is a must!
  • Science - is great to have studied throughout high school for someone wanting to enter an Agrifood industry. Having a basic understanding of animals and plants is helpful in many Agrifood occupations. Tertiary qualifications often have year 12 science subjects as pre-requisites. For further education in agricultural science for example, studying science is a must.
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