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If you are not sure what you want to do when you finish school then firstly - don't stress! Not knowing what you want to do after school is normal. However, if you think you might like to work in any of the Agrifood areas, explore the menu to the left for options and ideas. If any of the headings apply to you then click and read on. Inspiration may strike!

If you have already decided that Agrifood is for you; great! However, there are still a lot of decisions to make. Perhaps you like the idea of the industry but you are not sure which occupational area is for you, if so, surf through the topics to the left that appeal to you to find out more info.

If you already know that Agrifood is for you and you know which occupation you're aiming for...great work! There are a number of different ways to enter the Agrifood industries, follow the link to explore your entry and qualification options.

Follow these links if you want to find out which subjects will help you get into the industry or what you can be doing now to get a head start.

Find our where everything you eat, drink, use and wear comes from and challenge yourself to some fun activities on the way. Click here to get there!


Ollie's Island Australia - Exploring chains of sustainable production and consumption
Rural Skills Australia
OnTrack For great ideas & video case studies in Agrifood careers see ONtrack

or watch the ONtrack careers videos here:

Livestock & Processing
Horticulture & Viticulture
Services & Management
Career Videos
Click here for great careers videos

For a great site with lots of profiles have a look at the careers pages at Landlearn

A good example is the story of Bill, the Agricultural Standards Officer or Olivia, the Research Scientist.