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Are you teaching in agriculture, primary industry or other subject areas that lead to careers in agrifood?

Would you like to easily access up-to date information and education resources on specific industries?

Industry bodies have an interest in providing industry information. It raises their profile. Often they have education resources developed specifically for use in the classroom.

AgriFood Skills Australia has a wealth of information about skills development, training packages and a comprehensive links page.  Reports and presentations from the 2008 Conference are available.

The Australian Government site for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has general information on all Agrifood industries and links to various industry and state organisations although no specific education resources pages. They also have a Resource Management page with lots of great information. The Australian Government Agriculture portal has links to an extensive list of industries.

CSIRO site has a general page ‘Explore and Educate’. It also has pages on farming and food, forestry, aquaculture and the environment.

The national portal for forestry education has links to facts and maps, online activities and information for various age groups, state, national and international programs and community groups.

Landcare has a Junior Landcare and youth in Lancare page and links to Rivercare, Indigenous Landcare, Coastcare and Bushcare.

Dairy Australia has resources for teachers and young people of all ages.

The Aquaculture portal has links to government and industry sites as well as detailed information on species.

Other online education resources can be accessed by clicking on the resources link:

Landlearn page at NSW DPI
Kondinin Workboot Series
The Australian Confectionery Industry

Australian Forests
Forestry Manager Game

Discover Dairy
Meat and Livestock Australia
Australian Wool Innovation
From Hatchery to Home
Australian Egg Corporation
Wool is Best!

Horticulture and Cropping
Wine and winemaking
Australian Cotton Centre
All about Sugar
Nut Industry
Research, Marketing and Development in Horticulture
Life is a Garden!
What Vegetable is That?

Food Processing
Australian Food News
Go Grains!
Kraft Cooking School - online!
Golden Circle Learning Centre
Beverage Health

Aquaculture and Seafood
Australian Fisheries Management Authority - Resources
A Career in Fisheries Compliance
Seafood Experience Australia
Women's Industry Network - Seafood Community

Natural Resources and Sustainability
Rural Water Use Efficiency - Queensland Government
Natural Resource Management - Australian Government
Ollie's World
Sustainability Education
The Environmental Jobs Network

Rural Skills Australia
OnTrack For great ideas & video case studies in Agrifood careers see ONtrack

or watch the ONtrack careers videos here:

Livestock & Processing
Horticulture & Viticulture
Services & Management

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