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Whose career is it and how can I help?

Showing an interest in your child's future is a big step toward them making great career decisions. Choosing a career, or even your first job after leaving school, can be a hard decision. There are many options available and things have changed a lot since you started your first job! Any research you do to support a young person’s career decision can be very important and beneficial.

If you would like to find out more about giving career advice, go to Australian Career Development Studies. There is a lot of background and detail, so a visit can range from a quick browse to doing a course!

Another good information source is ‘Parents help with careers - future directions’, a booklet for parents (and guardians) of young people offering suggestions on how to aid these teenagers with career choices. A copy can be downloaded from this site.

For more detail about careers, jobs and industry information, the following sites are really good. You will find many sites with a huge amount of information. Some of it is the same, sometimes it is taken from a different angle and at other times, you will be surprised that no-one else has covered the topic!

ONTrack was developed by Rural Skills Australia to cover jobs and careers which start with, or lead to, a vocational education and training qualification. It is widely used in schools.

myfuture is a comprehensive site with information about jobs, careers and future directions of work. By logging in, you can create a personalised career exploration tool.

Job Guide is also full of detail about jobs and occupations and how to get a career going.

youthcentral is the Victorian Government's website for young people, providing information about jobs and careers, study and training, and opportunities for young Victorians.  (No matter where you live, it is always a good idea to see what is happening elsewhere, so don't be put off if the site is in another State or even overseas - there might be something that sparks your interest!)

The Australian Apprenticeships Job Pathways site has pathway charts and extensive job descriptions. Including:

  • Over 2,500 Australian Apprenticeships job descriptions that provide details of the skills that will be gained during an Australian Apprenticeship.
  • Over 70 interactive, industry-basd jobs pathway charts that demonstrate the jobs and career pathwyas that can start with an Australian Apprenticeship.
  • Links to a huge range of Australian Apprenticeships resources and information.

Have a look at the Self Help page to find out about getting started and success stories.

And if you really want a lot of detail about agri-food and other industries, go to SkillsInfo. For example, if you want an overview go to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries page. Industries are broadly grouped on this site and you may find there is more detail than you need.
Rural Skills Australia
OnTrack For great ideas & video case studies in Agrifood careers see ONtrack

or watch the ONtrack careers videos here:

Livestock & Processing
Horticulture & Viticulture
Services & Management

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