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Agriculture and horticulture cover the production of food, fibre, animal production and manufacture. These industries have a big impact on our lifestyle (amenity horticulture employs almost 30 per cent of all workers in the agriculture industry). Agriculture and food production are closely related to the environment. Australians are becoming more dependent on utilising our natural resources in a sustainable way. 

Every day you eat, wear or use something produced by the Australian Agrifood sector. Agrifood brings in important export dollars to our economy and is one the largest employers in rural areas, with many regional towns dependent upon the sector for their survival. Up to 880,000 people work in the Agrifood sector which is comprised of more than 140,000 separate enterprises.
Rural Skills Australia
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Did you know that amenity horticulture includes:




parks and gardens

wholesale and retail nurseries, and

turf production?