Aquaculture is the sector of the seafood industry which involves the farming of seafood and its products. This can occur on the land or at sea. Different species are grown in various regions around Australia, depending on climate and other conditions.

Land-based farms can cover fin fish, crustaceans, algae and some shellfish.

Marine farms have traditionally grown oysters and mussels but recently, have been established to grow out various fin fish in sea cages.

As the industry has grown, so have career opportunities. Small family-run farms have concentrated on freshwater crayfish while many abalone and tuna farms are multimillion-dollar businesses relying on a good supply of skilled employees.

Opportunities exist for boat and machinery operators and maintainers, aquaculture farm hands, aquaculture specialists and managers.

Working with particular species can require specialised knowledge and skills and there may be other sorts of tasks to be done, such as managing the office and marketing the seafood product.

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